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The core of lighting supply is procurement, sales & distribution. All bills of material are based on the reflected ceiling plan generated by the architect and/or lighting designer. The bill of material is gathered and organized. A quote and cut sheet package are generated and delivered. Instead of the typical lump sum quotation, we provide unit pricing for an accurate accounting of everything included.



Anyone who's inhabited a space for a while (owned, operated, occupied) - a few years or longer - may notice some depreciation in the value or look of their lighting. Maybe your brand has changed, or you just don't like the ambient color. We will assess the lighting in a built environment and offer a range of solutions from minimal intervention such as beam distribution or selective replacement, to a new lighting design and lamp upgrade.



The concept of sustainability is prevalent in all facets of lighting design and procurement. It's our job to evaluate the choices we make regarding the materials we use every day, for their impact on environmental and logistical sustainability. As a result we can protect the planet AND reduce your facility costs.



Not unlike a rescue operation, we're called in when a lighting project is "over-designed" and puts the client's schedule, budget, reputation or all of the above at risk. Typically the process begins with reviewing original specs. What follows is a combination of science and art. The end result is a more economical lighting package delivered in a timely fashion that does not sacrifice aesthetics or function - and your opening date is protected!